Surgical Hair Loss Treatment

For many people, a hair transplant can help bring back a fuller head of hair.

Man with restored hair and confidence

What is it?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) hair transplants are done by taking individual hair follicles out of your donor area and implanting them elsewhere in your recipient area. This will make the hair in the recipient area look thicker.  

  • Restored hair line
  • Restored Confidence

Who’s it for?

The best candidate for a FUE hair transplant is someone with thinning hair who still has enough donor hair to use for a transplant.

  • Generally over 30
  • Where medication is insufficient alone
Dr. Kevin hair transplant surgery with patient

The Process

It’s a one day out-patient procedure requiring only local anesthesia. Most patients are surprised by how little discomfort, if any, they experience during and after surgery. Many patients simply relax during their hair transplant procedure.

1Preparation for surgery

We shave the recipient and donor areas in preparation for surgery

2 Harvesting hair follicles form donor area
3making incisions in recipient area
4Implanting of hair follicles
Patient Stories

Hair restoration that change lives

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Duration After Treatment:
1 Year
Number Of Grafts:

Treatment Cost

The treatment cost varies depending on the number of grafts taken for each patient's individual needs. Generally, the amount approximately ranges from €2,000 to €4,000.

Our doctor will provide you with the final treatment cost during the consultation session if surgery is the right option for you.


Common Questions Asked

1What’s the difference between FUE & FUT?
2Which treatment suits me?
3Are there any side effects?
4Do hair transplants lasts?
5How long until I see results and my hair grows back?
It’s time to bring back your hair

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