Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Used when surgery is not necessary or an alternatively to complement surgery . Help restore hair and prevent hair loss caused by male pattern baldness.

Man with restored hair and confidence

What is it?

Today there are no widely available methods to regenerate  lost hair follicles in the already bald areas. However, conservative (non-surgical) treatment methods give us the possibility to:

  • Stop hair loss progression
  • Improve existing hair thickness
  • Avoid need for surgery

Who’s it for?

Most patients with hair loss are candidates for  medical treatment . Medical  treatments aim to protect or improve pre-existing hair, sometimes thus avoiding surgery.

  • Patients who wish to stop hairloss
Hair restoration medication

Medical Drug Treatments


is an oral drug or topical solution which prevents the transformation of testosterone into its active form of dehydrotestosterone ( DHT) by blocking  5 – alfa reductase , thus reducing the effect of DHT on hair follicle loss. To achieve an ongoing effect the medication must be taken longterm.

Patient Stories

Hair restoration that change lives

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Duration After Treatment:
6 Months

Treatment Cost

Our price for either of the drug treatments are:

€50 to get a prescription for 6 months
Pharmacy charges approx € 20 per month for Finasteride


Common Questions Asked

1Should I go for surgical or non-surgical treatment?
2Which treatment suits me?
3Are there any side effects?
4How long until I see results and my hair grows back?
It’s time to bring back your hair

Our doctor will thoroughly examine you, and provide you with a clear treatment plan. Therefore surely the next step is for you to come to our clinic?