Meet The Team

August 14, 2020

We’re a close knit team here in our clinic and we like to be as open as we can be on our social media platforms to let you know exactly what goes on in the clinic. We also know that going into any clinic can sometimes be a daunting experience and we wanted to do all we can to help put everyone at ease.

Here’s a little insight into everyone on the Tir na nÒg Clinic team and a little bit about their background and experience.

Kevin McDonald – Co-Founder

“Hi I’m Kevin and I own Tir na nÓg Clinic with Natasha. I worked in Cardio Thoratic Surgery for over 10 years before moving into Hair Restoration Surgery. I have 5 kids and working in a hospital with very long shifts meant I had missed out on a lot of things. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to work for myself,  I am now able to drop them to school, go to football matches ect.  I can spend more time at home. Hair Restoration treatment for me needs to work, otherwise there is no point in doing it. I have spent the last few years striving for the best possible results for my patients. Everyone’s needs and genetic make up are different and therefore treatment is tailored to each person. We meet so many interesting people and have all sorts of conversations, which makes it so much easier for both the patient and myself.  I have been known to throw an odd tennis ball around and I’m on the waiting list to play in Wimbledon.”

Natasha McDonald – Co-Founder

“Hi I’m Natasha McDonald and I own Tir na nÒg Clinic with Kevin, we have been married for 20 years now. I ran my own web design business before setting up Tir na nÒg Clinic in 2016.  I look after the operational and business side of the clinic and I am also involved in the hair transplant procedure working as a transplant technician. I trained in Georgia in 2016 as I believe in order to get to know the business properly you need to start from the ground up. We have a great little family here now and we are completely honest with our patients, I think that’s why they come to us. Of course our skills and expertise are a Hugh deciding factor along with our prices. We don’t have some of the large overheads that other clinics have and we have passed those savings onto the customers. We have seen a dramatic increase in business in the last year and in particular since Covid 19 has happened.  We have been flat out since we reopened.

I have 5 kids so it’s a busy home and work life but I love it. When I do get time I love to go hiking and I was lucky to get to Kilimanjaro last feb just before lockdown. It was an amazing experience and hopefully I’ll get to do a few more expeditions in the future.”

Natasha Cooney – Hair Transplant Technician

“Hi, I am Natasha, before working in Tir na nÒg Clinic I previously worked as a beautician and a qualified hair stylist/barber. My main role in the clinic is a graph technician, and also cutting and styling patients hair post transplant. The work in the clinic is extremely rewarding. When the patients returns and seeing how happy they are with his/her results is such a great feeling knowing that we had a positive impact on their life. My hobbies are gym, swimming and walking and chasing after my two younger kids. I also love to do DIY around the house.”

Emer O’Byrne – Hair Transplant Technician

“Hi, I’m Emer. My whole career has been in hair replacement for men for the last 30 years, which involved hair systems and hair transplants. I’ve worked at Tir na nÒg Clinic for the last 3 years. Working for tir na nog is like being part of one big family, we are one big happy team and we all look out and help each other. My main roll at Tir na nÒg Clinic is graft cutting and quality control. I make sure every graft is 100% perfect and suitable for transplanting. I love my work , for me it’s more like a hobby, and I can never see myself doing anything else.”

Julie Cahill – Coordinator/Skin Specialist

“Hi I’m Julie, I work as the patient coordinator/Skin specialist at the clinic. I have worked in the aesthetic Industry for the last 18 years and am a qualified Beauty Therapist. I possess a wealth of knowledge regarding anti ageing skin treatments and skincare.  I am a busy Mum of 2 children, my son is 5 and my daughter was born in April 2020 during lockdown. In my free time I love swimming, walking and meeting up with friends.”

Louise Cullan- Consultant

“Hi I’m Louise, I am the consultant at Tir Na Nog clinic. I started working in this industry over 12 years ago, starting my career with Ziering Medical in the UK. It is such a pleasure to see the transformation both emotionally and physically of our wonderful patients and to work with such an excellent team.”