How to lower an overly high female hairline

March 22, 2019

It’s an important concern for women that they have a hairline that doesn’t look too high. Generally the face is proportioned into 3 equal sections.

  1. The chin to the tip of the nose
  2. The tip of the nose to the brow
  3. The brow to the hairline

High hairlines generally can connote tumescent (swollen forehead), it can create a masculine appearance.  There are two procedures that can address this high hairline issue,  the first one is  hair transplant surgery and the second one is the hair line reduction surgery also called the surgical hairline advancement.

Hair Transplant Surgery is a very common procedure and is preformed by thousands of doctors around the world.  It is the same procedure as any other transplant where you take hair from a donor area at the back of the head and transplant the hair into areas where there is thinning into tiny recipient sites.  The hairs are placed 1,2,3 at a time, if it is done aesthetically it can create a natural look, its a typical procedure to lower the hairline.  It can be anywhere between 600/700 to 2500 grafts which is basically 1200 to as many as 5000 hairs.  It is typically done in a single sitting and can take anywhere between 4 and 8/9 hours depending on how many grafts are being transplanted.  Hair Transplant is basically the most common procedure done for lowering hairlines.  In general the hair transplant procedure is better for women who are seeking more rounding out than actual lowering although it can and does lower the hairline.

Surgical Hairline Advancement is a procedure that is not preformed by a lot of surgeons, its a very specialised procedure.  Its a really cool procedure though as it can reduce the hairline by 1,2 or even as much as 3 cm all depending on how much mobility there is in the scalp.  If a women has got a very loose scalp the hairline can be lowered more.  Its a single stage lowering procedure.  Its quite dramatic in its ability to basically lower an overly high hairline as much as an inch or more.  The procedure is intended for women that have a loose scalp but also women who are seeking the most rapid results.  It takes approx 1.5 hours, an incision is made along the hairline and a modification is made to round out the corner that allows for rounding out at the sides.  The incision is made, the scalp is freed up and brought forward, it is then secured using special surgical clips that will dissolve by themselves over the first 6 months, but during that time period the clips keep the scalp in the right position.  The excess forehead skin is then taken away, the incision is closed leaving a very fine line scar which is designed so that hairs grow through it.  This is called a trycophetic incision.  So the scar is essentially invisible.  For the appropriate candidate, the hairline lowering surgery results are unsurpassed.  The improved density that can be achieved is the equivalent to transplanting 6000 grafts.

So there are two procedures both brilliant procedures when they are preformed properly on the appropriate patient.