How Tir na nOg Clinic was born

March 21, 2021
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IN 2016 Natasha McDonald launched a new hair transplant clinic to the Irish market along with her business partner and husband Dr Kevin McDonald. They both saw a large gap in the market for hair transplant surgery in Ireland at an affordable price, and so Tír na nÓg Clinic was born.

With a background in industrial engineering, McDonald worked as a quality manager and engineer for more than 10 years in both Ireland and the UK before she entered the world of hair restoration. She is also a busy mum to five children, so organisation, hard work, high quality and affordability are key to her business: “I wanted to create a sustainable business that met the high standards of our patients, while also being warm and welcoming. The positive feedback we receive from our patients proves we do just that.”


Natasha oversees the business side of the clinic, while her husband, Kevin, oversees the surgical and medical side. She has worked tirelessly, growing the business organically over the past five years from a small family run clinic to the busy clinic it is today: “There have been many obstacles along the way, but with drive and ambition we have overcome these – it is all about teamwork!” says McDonald.

Based in a state-of-the-art medical centre in north Dublin, Tír na nÓg Clinic uses the latest in equipment, knowledge and technology: “Hair transplant surgery is no longer a taboo. 80%
of men suffer from hair loss and thanks to innovative technology and expertise, it can be easily treated. The treatments that we recommend for our patients are based purely
on a medical basis, while still being able to deliver them at an affordable price. We offer packages tailored to our clients’ needs, and work closely with them as a team to provide holistic, long-term solutions for them,” explains McDonald.


“We have been working hard to put together a unique medicated hair foam, that contains both Minoxidil® and Finasteride, thus responding to a need in the market. Our goal at Tír na nÓg Clinic is that our patients get the best possible treatment for their hair loss.”