How Many Grafts Do I Need For My Hair Transplant?

April 7, 2020
Dr. Kevin hair transplant surgery with patient

This is a question we get asked often in our clinic and we also have a large number of patients coming into the clinic telling us how many grafts they need based on a consultation with another hair transplant specialist.


The answer to this question is very much “how long is a piece of string” type of answer. Everyone’s hair is different, everyone’s goals are different and every case is different. In order to give a successful indication of the amount of grafts required for an individual they must be properly assessed by a qualified doctor who will look at the patients hair and their donor areas to determine the best course of action.

How Many Hairs will I get in a Graft?

There is often a lot of misinformation out there regarding hair grafts and what they actually mean. Hair does not grow in single hair groupings but rather it grows in groups of 1,2,3 or even 4 hairs depending on the individual. This is what we refer to as a graft. Many patients often get confused thinking that for example that 3,000 grafts means 3,000 individual hairs.

In some cases a patient may need more hair grafts than their donor area is able to supply, ie the bald patches are greater than the donor hair on the back. Therefore it is important to know the difference between how many grafts you need and how many you can successfully extract and implant. This can only be determined by a consultation with your surgeon who will inspect every aspect of your hair.

How Will I Know How Many Grafts I Need?

This is something that will be discussed with your doctor when you have a consultation and again this will also depend on a number of factors including.


The Degree of Thinning

Depending on how thick or how thin your hair is this will influence how many grafts can successfully be extracted to create a natural looking hairline.


The Donor Area

This is probably the most important element that we consider when carrying out a hair transplant. The quality of the donor area is very important as this is where the hairs are extracted from in order to be implanted in another area on the head.


Type of Hair Transplant Required

Depending on the hair transplant required this will determine how many grafts can be successfully extracted. There are two types of techniques used called FUT and FUE. Dr Kevin from Tir na nOg clinic is now offering a hybrid procedure which is a combination of FUT and FUE.  It can be very effective for some cases in achieving the best results.


Future Hair Loss

During your consultation, Dr Kevin will be able to assess what they think future hair loss will look like. Again, this will play into account when deciding how many grafts you’ll need.


Patients Budget

Here at Tir na nOg clinic we do our very best to try and stay in line with our patients budgets whilst trying to achieve the best results.


Patients Goals

Depending on the area you want to be transplanted, whether this be the hairline or the crown will determine the number of grafts needed.  The patient needs to have realistic expectations though.

Quality over Quantity

The approach that Dr Kevin takes at Tir na nOg clinic is to create natural looking results for his patients. With this in mind we only extract the amount of grafts we feel are necessary to create a natural and aesthetically pleasing look for our patients. No more, no less. When deciding on the amount of grafts for a patient Dr Kevin will also take into account the overall facial structure of his patients to ensure he can create the most natural look possible that will suit the rest of their face.


Undetectable Results

Dr Kevin’s deep understanding of the anatomy and body proportions has allowed him to create undetectable natural looking hair transplants over the years. With a combination of advanced medical skills and an artistic eye our patients have been delighted with their new hair after attending  Tir na nOg clinic and enjoy the confidence that the transplant was carried out by a local doctor who provides on-going after care and checkup to ensure everything is progressing as it should be.


Final Thoughts

The best way to find out how many grafts you require is to have a consultation with Dr Kevin McDonald  who will be able to assess your hairline, donor areas, goals and quality of your hair to accurately determine how many grafts you require.

If you are considering getting a hair transplant then feel free to book a consultation with Dr Kevin and we’ll be more than happy to help.