Hair Transplant - A Patient’s Experience: Less Worry, More Confidence

May 7, 2023
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Hair loss is a common problem that affects a large percentage of the world's population. Losing hair can often cause a loss of confidence and self-esteem, which can have a significant impact on a person's life. However, there is hope for those who are looking for a solution. A hair transplant might be the answer. We spoke with one transplant recipient who shared his story of attending Tir Na nOg Clinic.


Jason, who owns and runs Jason Mitchell Fitness in Galway, was only 19 when he began to experience hair loss. As time passed, Jason’s hair loss worried him more and more and started to affect his confidence. It began at the front and continued to progress, causing his hair to become thin and light on top. Jason remembers trying various tricks to disguise the hair loss such as experimenting with new styles and wearing caps. He started to avoid having his photos taken as he was so self conscious about it. 


Jason started researching hair transplant options. He found there were a lot of clinics to choose from with varying packages and price ranges - foreign-based clinics in particular offer treatment for seemingly very good value costs. However Jason was dubious, having heard worrying stories about medical tourism disasters. A friend had recommended Tir na nOg clinic, an Irish company based in Dublin, so he reached out to Dr Kevin McDonald to inquire about their work. After discussing the process and gaining a good understanding of the science behind it, Jason says he felt the obvious next step for him was to go ahead with a hair transplant at Tir na nOg.


Jason then paid a visit to the Clinic in Dublin and says that he clicked with Dr Kevin immediately, who he found to be helpful, patient and an expert in his field. He recalls that the initial consultation gave him peace of mind about the procedure and all of his questions were answered with confidence. Jason had consulted one alternative clinic but decided to proceed with Tir na nOg as he had full trust in Dr Kevin and his team.


On the day of the procedure, Jason admits he arrived a little nervous, but the whole team quickly put him at ease, making him feel comfortable and relaxed and the friendly conversation and background music made the day pass quickly. 


According to Jason, communication with the clinic before and after the procedure was professional, patient and reassuring. Dr Kevin's wife Natasha, who works on the team as a transplant technician, as well as managing the clinic, was also very welcoming and helpful, chatting about everyday life, which helped Jason take his mind off the procedure. He found the clinic to be professional from start to finish, and Dr. Kevin's passion for his work was evident.


Jason and Dr. Kevin have been in contact several times since the transplant, and he reports that aftercare service has been excellent. At six months post-transplant Jason started to see results, and after twelve months he had full regrowth of his hair. The donor area at the back of his head looked the same as always, and he could once again cut his hair to his preferred style - short at the back and medium-length at the front. Jason credits Tir na nOg Clinic with the positive effect his hair transplant has had on his life, making him more confident and happy in himself.