Finasteride Hair Regrowth

March 17, 2020

Male pattern baldness is very common and most men experience it at some point in their lives. The American Hair Loss Association has researched that approximately 85 to 87 percent of the males experience hair loss by the time they cross the age of forty. This is not a problem to be worried about now because there are many ways to prevent these effects and slow down the hair loss process, so that men can slow down baldness and enjoy full grown hair in their later years of life. 

Finasteride is one of the most popular methods to treat male pattern baldness. Finasteride is a tablet that is taken daily to overcome this problem. It has been approved by the FDA and is the only DHT blocking medicine. It has helped men from all over the world to treat hair loss and male pattern baldness. Here are some of the ways in which Finasteride can help an average male. 

Finasteride Helps to Prevent Men from Going Bald 

The researchers who investigated finasteride as a cure for male baldness noticed two things in it. First, during the clinical trials 85% of the men stopped losing their hair after using finasteride and secondly, about 68% of the men grew back their hair after using this drug daily for two years. 

After researching different treatments for baldness in males, the researchers found out that finasteride effectively helps to stop hair loss and baldness in its tracks. The men who kept using finasteride for a 50 week period reported that they experienced a hair regrowth rate of 18 to 20 hairs in a target area of a square centimeter as compared to the men who were in the placebo group and lost more hair than before. 

Finasteride has been approved by the FDA in 1997 and since then it has been used successfully by many men who are facing the male pattern baldness problem. 


How it Works 

A male androgen called testosterone is linked to hair loss and finasteride works by stopping them from converting into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). By reducing the DHT in the scalp of most of the men, finasteride helps to prevent male pattern baldness. It has been medically researched that the amount of dihydrotestosterone can be reduced to 65% by using 1mg of finasteride daily. 

Commitment Is a Must for the Best Results 

One of the most important things that needs to be kept in mind is that finasteride is not a magic pill for preventing hair loss and it will require some time to work properly. It has been designed to interrupt the dihydrotestosterone and to fuel the hair growth, and you need to be patient and regular in its usage to get the full benefits out of it. If you are not patient and you stop its usage, you might experience the loss of your regrown hair after one year. 

There is no need to worry about its dosage and how you are going to manage it in your daily routine because you only have to take one pill daily for three months before you start seeing its results and more hair on the bald spots on your head. 


Pros of Using Finasteride 

There are many pros of using finasteride. The regular use of finasteride stops the hair loss men experience and its continued use helps them to keep the hair they already have. It also helps to regrow the hair that is dormant meaning the hair which are in the Catagen stage. The catagen stage is a short phase that occurs at the end of catagen stage, it is a small transition period in which the follicle receives a signal to stop the hair growth. After the hair growth is stopped, the hair starts to shed as the hair shaft is released and contracted by the dermal papilla. When the hair does not move to the telegenic stage and stay in the catagen phase they start to die. Finasteride helps to restart the hair growth in the follicle before they start dying in the catagen phase. 


Cons of Using Finasteride 

Finasteride has pros and con, just like any other medication. The finasteride tablet should be taken regularly and when stopped, hair will start to fall out again. It also has side effects like any other medicine. One of the side effect of using finasteride is that it can lower the libado. This can happen in some men because of the lowering levels of testosterone in their body. It is not a very common problem but it can happen. According to these researches only 2 percent of the men face this problem and out of this 2 percent some were actually on a pseudo drug. When you start to notice some hair loss, you should start using finasteride and if you experience any side effects or the medicine does not suit you then you can stop its usage and go back to your original stage of hair loss, with no long term effects. The finasteride medicine is only effective if it is used regularly as it does not have any long lasting effects. There have been some other reports of males suffering from depression and anxiety when taking this drug but again, this was 

only a very small percentage. Men normally stop losing their hair at the age of 60 and finasteride should be used till that point if you do not want to go bald. 


Final Thoughts 

If you feel that you are beginning to lose your hair and not very keen on getting a transplant later on in life then finasteride may be a good solution to consider as it can easily fit into your daily routine and does not require any surgery. Get in touch today to book a consultation with Dr Kevin at Tir na nÓg Clinic, Dublin to see what may be the best course of treatment for you.