Considerations in Hair Transplant Surgery: Cases We Don't Take On

October 5, 2023

Here at Tir na nOg Clinic, we take pride in upholding high professional standards and ethical conduct. Our commitment to the well being of our patients extends beyond the surgical room. We believe that hair transplants can be transformative for those who seek them for the right reasons and with realistic expectations. However, there are certain circumstances where it may not be possible or ethical for us to perform surgery on a patient. Here, we will look at cases that Dr. Kevin, our experienced surgeon, has encountered in the past and decided not to take on. These factors serve as important considerations for anyone thinking about getting a hair transplant.

Unrealistic Expectations

One of the first categories of patients we approach with caution are those with unrealistic expectations. Some individuals aspire to regain the appearance they had as children, aiming for an exceptionally low hairline, akin to figures like Mr. Trump. However, such a dramatic transformation may not align with their current age, and maintaining such a low hairline can be challenging due to limitations in donor hair availability. We also exercise caution with patients who have poor donor hair quality, as it impacts the overall success of the procedure.

Lack of Open Communication

Open communication is pivotal in any medical procedure, and hair transplants are no exception. We value open discussions with our patients to clearly understand their goals and outline what we can realistically achieve. Collaborative planning is essential, and we aim to establish a mutual understanding of the desired hairline. Patients should be decisive and willing to commit to the agreed-upon plan. 

Inadequate Donor Hair

An adequate supply of donor hair is crucial for the success of a hair transplant. Patients with insufficient donor hair availability are not suitable candidates for the procedure. Assessing the quantity and quality of donor hair is a critical step in the evaluation process.

Resistance to Medical Therapy

Hair loss is a complex issue, and medical therapy can play a significant role in slowing down ongoing hair loss. We encourage patients to consider medical therapy options before undergoing surgery. Those who refuse to explore non-surgical solutions may not align with our holistic approach to hair restoration.

Psychological Dependency on Surgery

Some individuals exhibit signs of extreme psychological dependence on the procedure. They may arrive at the clinic having gone to great lengths to conceal their hairline, some display signs of depression or distress. While we understand the emotional impact of hair loss, it's crucial to recognise that surgery cannot solve all sources of unhappiness. In such cases, we may recommend additional counselling or therapy to address any underlying emotional concerns.

Group Bargaining

Patients who arrive in groups with the intention of negotiating prices or treating the clinic as a bargain-hunting session often indicate a lack of seriousness about the surgery. Our focus is on providing quality care, and patients who prioritise cost savings over their well-being may find alternative options more suitable.

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